Jack – Founder

Having been in the industry full time since 2008, founding Freestyle in 2011, Jack draws on the experience gathered from over 500 projects to grow Freestyle into a business that can reliably deliver the best value web design services around.

Interesting fact
Designed over 600 websites since 2008.



Reece – Developer

Reece is our make it happen man. With a steely determination to keep projects running smoothly, and a huge appetite for learning the latest technologies in the industry, not much gets past Reece, having built over 90 websites since 2014.

Interesting fact
People mistake him for a ginger Arnold Schwarzenegger.



Isaac – Design

Isaac joined Freestyle in May 2015, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge having worked as a freelance graphic designer for four years. He has taken to code like a duck to water, and now uses his graphical know-how to create stunning websites, like this one.

Interesting fact
Designed his first logo for a business when he was 14.



Luke – Digital Marketing

Luke looks after our customers once their website has gone live. A lot of his work involves our Google Adwords customers, as Luke is a fully certified Adwords professional. Whether you need to make a quick tweak to your website, get some help with WordPress, or discussing SEO.

Interesting fact
In a desperate attempt to give Luke ‘The Force’ he was named after Luke Skywalker.

What you can expect from us

  • We will not outsource any of our work
  • There is no middleman – you will always speak directly to someone who is working on your project
  • You will be able to get someone on the phone when it is convenient for you
  • You will get fast responses to questions and changes

We are flexible, and we’re open to your ideas and suggestions – because that helps us create the best possible website or brand identity for you.